Pharmacy Secrets for Radiant Skin

July 26 2023 – Ben Fuchs

Pharmacy Secrets for Radiant Skin

Pharmacy Secrets for Radiant Skin

Formulated in the pharmacy by a pharmacist originally for healing patients with skin diseases and traumas, patients came back with more beautiful healthier skin, formulas converted in over-the-counter products for anti-aging and general skin beauty and health.

Formulations that heal cuts and scrapes and minor burns as well as
beautify Pharmacy-powered, medicinal - Topical nutritional supplements for the skin.

Health = Beauty. 
No silicone, vegetable oil, gums, fillers, water, preservatives

Fatty Vitamin C stable, penetrating skin softening and healing (unlike most Vitamin C which is water soluble, degrades quickly

Plant derived ionic minerals for nutriating cells and changing the electrical milieu of the skin

Fullerenes for increasing transdermal penetration

Melatonin for skin protection

Real retinol (not the fake stuff) in high concentrations with fat soluble
Vitamin C

Intentionally formulated – every molecule counts

100% active and functional ingredients, which means super concentrated since it works in very small doses, only active ingredients in transdermal bases to get the ingredients across the skin surface to the cells in the skin’s lower levels.